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Un-kerploded (Kerploey Part 3)

Behold! For my repair angel hath descended upon my kitchen! Thanks Dadini! For just the bargain price of some roasted coffee beans and a couple of chocolate Digestives, he came, he saw, he resurrected the oven. We pulled the beast out of the wall (I took a moment to clean out the scunge from the […]

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Kerplooey (Part 2)

Our oven is being fixed in an awesomely effort-free (for me) fashion!  My Dadini came, saw, conquered, and will reappear later in the week on a chariot led by a fire-breathing lion with bat wings because that’s the only beast awesome enough to bear him, and will replace the element. He’s also fixed our wobbly […]

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Kerplooey (Part 1)

Holy crap our oven exploded. And, while M assures me there was no “POW BLAMMO” sound, exploded is the right word. M cranked the heat up to preheat the oven and the pizza stones (oh, the tragedy of the pizza that never transpired), and noticed an unusually high level of smoke coming from the heretofore […]

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