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Nestling: Part Two

I am on a nourish jag.  Moving house, the death of a friend and some rough slog at work has resulted in me being tired, fretful and not much fun to be around.  The cure? Nourish.  I keep chanting the word to myself like a soothing pulse: norrr-issh; norrr-issh; norrr-issh; and then M tells me […]

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Nestling: Part One

I have a new house! (The capsicum bushes were a big selling point. Drawn in gimp.) M and I have been nestling into our new territory by cooking.  On our first weekend, M made a gloriously tasty batch of croissants. Ooooh, croissants: you taste even better when you are made in celebration of a new […]

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Nourish 4 – Green

Oh soup, how I love you. Still unwell, so I’m turning to the most nourishing thing I can think of.  If baking and the scent of spices calms me, making soup makes me feel like I’m healing myself. I think I must feel like I’m channeling my Inner Wholesome Pagan Wise Woman. Or Inner Peter Rabbit. […]

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Nourish 3 – Bake

I mentioned already how I bake when stressed, seeking the satisfaction of particular scents and flavours. Nourishing the spirit through the senses; nourishing the body through good food; now I turn to nourishing the mind and exploring. Inspired by a thread on the Ravelry Knit ‘N’ Bake Group (Two digressions, just in case you’re already […]

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Nourish 2- Oats

How I love porridge.  It is rich and smooth and makes me feel full and warm and, strangely, loved. I take flakey oats, tiny slices of grain, and boil them in water; stir it and stir it and it becomes thick and creamy in a miraculous and straightforward transformation.  I don’t like it too sweet, […]

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Nourish 1 – Noodles

This post is largely an essay in pictures.  While I’ve been sick, M has been awesome, knowing when to offer tea and sympathy, and knowing when to just let me sit quietly and do the crossword. (I have a theory that in my current brain-fogged state, I’m better at cryptic crosswords than usual, because I’m […]

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