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FO Report – Mossy Tendrils

I’m sure that, like me, you don’t really get to choose your knitting projects as they’re chosen for you.  Personally, mine selected by a team of zebras with a curiously high interest in all things sartorial and fibre-related. “This one.” They say, standing around me in a stripey ring of stern instruction. “Knit this one.” […]

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F is for F(l)ail

I gotta ‘fess up — I didn’t finish all the Unfinished Business that I had hoped to before we moved house.  I’d like to tell you that it was by the skin of my teeth, that it was entirely due to bad luck and that I was *that* close to finishing all the knitting projects, […]

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Finishing II – Yarn

So I mentioned before that I’m using my forthcoming Moving Day (just under three weeks now) to light a fire under my reading list — trying to get all my half-read books completed before the day of the shift. Well, this is part of a broader plan to really get stuck into my To-Do box […]

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Rank: Most improved

I love this picture. I have just cast on Baby Cables and Big Ones Too because it is incredibly sexy and funky and a new jumper and I need all those things.  It’s a pretty straightforward pattern, once you’ve read it through and grokked it: a simple top-down raglan, with a garter-stitch yoke and garter […]

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