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Many words on hummus: Part 3

Sub-subtitle: GRAND AND GLORIOUS FINALE. Because I needed somewhere to put the finished product photos. When serving hummus, do sprinkle with salt, cracked pepper and drizzle with olive oil. It’s definitely the done thing.

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Many words on hummus: Part 2

Secondary subtitle: Things I learned while making hummus! “Many words on hummus: Part 1” was PHILOSOPHY; Part 2 is PHACTS. Aunty Wikipedia tells me it is “also spelled hamos, hommos, hommus, homos, houmous, hummos, hummous, or humus”, but I’m happy to say that searching for “hummus” took me to the right page and that page […]

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Many words on hummus: Part 1

I wanted to subtitle this post “Philosophy” but I already used a colon in the post title and I’m not sure whether I like multiple subtitles. So: PHILOSOPHY. I made hummus today. (Oh, really, bethini, do go on!) (Thank you, I shall.) I love this stuff. I have a clear memory of tasting it as […]

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