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Hempdress – FO Report

This is a seriously great pattern. I think it is one of the best I’ve ever knitted. You start with a provisional cast on across the top of the shoulders, and knit the two fronts and the back separately until you reach the bottom of the armholes, then you join them and work flat, from […]

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The donor ball arrived: the operation was ready to proceed. Operation Hempdress Rescue! First I had to finish the skirt hem and cast off: an already startling number of stitches plus a picot cast off (cast on 2, cast off 6) made it a long, long process. But an enjoyable one, and as soon as […]

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In surgery

Problem: Having reached the hem on a top-down dress, our noble knitter realises (THROUGH NO FAULT OF HER OWN) that one shoulder is ludicrously shorter than the other. Possible solutions: Unravel dress from hem to shoulder, reknit. Magical/surgical intervention. Dispose of entire garment, change blog to focus more on pug wrestling. Solution chosen: Magical/surgical intervention. […]

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After the last Hempdress update, I decided to carry on knitting the skirt of the dress before backtracking and fixing the wonked shoulder — after all, I know what to do for the skirt, I’ve got that pattern memorised. So I charged on, enjoying the ever-increasing stitches and working my way to the end of […]

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“Crap,” I declared, punching M lightly to get his attention, “I’ve think I’ve made a huge mistake.” We bickered briefly about the appropriateness of punching as an attention-getting tool, reconciled, and then I showed him: I’ve been working on Gudrun Johnston’s Little Black Dress for a while now. I love it. I LOVE IT. The […]

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In the spirit of Tantalus

I want to tease you. Glimpse. Peep. That’s all. (Okay, not quite: I also want to say I’ve completely sprung a part about these Boye needles. They’re from an ancient Needlemaster set that belonged to my Nan. I don’t want to go out too far here, but this is the second project I’ve made on […]

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