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Desert Monkeys

Presenting: The Desert Monkeys. When I got this yarn from eBay, I surprised myself. I’m not really one for the orange-russet palate, and I don’t really like light blue with anything even vaguely warmish. And I’m not really into cashmere for socks, as decadent as it is (actually, that’s probably it: I’m probably discomfited by […]

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So, the other night, I posted about the vibrant, glorious success of the Desert Monkey socks. Remember? Do you need a minute to go back and read that post, so we can all recall how happy I was with the whole thing? So I cast on the second sock. Had the toe completely worked, and […]

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Sock Love

This is the best sock I’ve ever knitted. Nothing about them went wrong. The toe is smooth and snug, the pattern gorgeous, and the bind-off elastic and springy. They’re magnificent. I couldn’t take a picture of them on my feet that would do justice to how excellent these puppies are, so you get a rumpled, […]

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Make with the socks, already!

There are some really, really awesome socks out there, and I can’t understand why I don’t knit more of them. After all, socks are great: they’re useful and comfortable, and hand-knit socks keep my chilly feet far warmer than any of the cheapo cotton ones that currently line my drawer. There’s such a massive range […]

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