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During the last night of my stay with my parents, I decided a cocktail was in order to commemorate the occasion. Like most of my cocktails, this was a completely half-arsed affair, but was delicious nonetheless.  Thick, tangy and foamy-juiced, which is pretty tasty. The use of one of my Mum’s favourite fruits, the tangelo, […]

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Pink means happy!

Amateur cocktail hour is awesome.  I heartily recommend you introduce it into your life. In lieu of a cohesive and well-reasoned argument, I present you with the following evidence, as concocted by M: How about that?  Eh? That, right there, is gin, crushed ice, lemon gelato and mixed frozen berries whirred together in the blender.  […]

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…and breathe.

It’s done. I’ve finished my exams for the semester.  They were tough, and the week of solid study leading up to them was pretty cruddy, but they’re done.  Now I just sit back and forget everything I learned, ready to be surprised when I get my results.  On Friday night, I came home and sat […]

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Amateur Cocktail Hour Part Two

The other night, I decided to indulge my curiosity and sample a vodka martini. I’m no normally a vodka drinker of any note, nor am I a martini afficionado. M likes them, but he prefers a dry gin martini to a vodka one. We scored some 42 Below vodka on sale, hotwever, so it seemed […]

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Amateur Cocktail Hour(s)

I found a can of passionfruit pulp in the fridge tonight, and that can only mean one thing: amateur cocktail hour! Vodka, Cointreau, lemon juice and passionfruit pulp, shaken roughly over ice cubes and strained into a glass. Perfect. I didn’t put lemon juice in the first one, but M tasted it and swiftly identified […]

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