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Unscheduled interruption

Having received some rough news this week, the blog will be on a short hiatus while I get my shit together.  I’ll be back soon, promise.

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I have been beavering away: as well as the frenzy of self-sufficiency that I have been going through, I have been taking care of a few other things.  Ideas that I have been gestating for months, and all that stopped me implementing them was my Masters.  Now that’s done with, I have no reason not […]

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Do you ever feel like your brain is moving in too many directions at once? Work has been crazy-busy, uni has been incredibly demanding as I gallop towards the end of my Masters degree, I am househunting (man, buying at auction is scary-pants), and have begun eccentric sleeping habits, much to M’s amusement.  Hello, I […]

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How does writer’s block work? I can be buzzing along, thinking about all sorts of things, and then I sit down to write about them and the best I can think of is “I saw lots of birds on my drive to work today!” which isn’t even good conversation.  And the next thing you know, […]

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The blind blogger

I have begun countless blog posts.  I have written, completed and published thousands fewer.  One of my biggest obstacles is the absence of pictures: if I’m at work, or my camera is flat, or I just can’t seem to work a good angle on whatever I’m trying to snap, I feel like there’s no point […]

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A refreshing change

Today’s post comes from the “Holy crap it worked!” file. First “Holy crap it worked!”: This weekend M and I bought a gazebo.  Not a cemented-in, static gazebo, but a poles-and-mesh job from the hardware shop that dismantles and packs away into a convenient carry case. We were meeting some friends for a picnic by […]

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