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I made pho!

You would not believe how many puns there are that incorporate the Australianised pronunciation of “pho”. I have so far dodged all of them. You’re welcome. I made pho! Back in the day, when I still ate meat, pho was one of my favourite things in the whole world. I loved the flavours, the smell, […]

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What a pot, what a pot, what a mighty good pot

Hopefully you’ve now got a good ol’ Salt N Pepa chorus bouncing unceasingly around your cerebral orb. I’m in love with a pressure cooker. I know I’m still in the honeymoon phase, but seriously: did you know you can cook beetroots — whole beetroots! — in like twenty minutes? That’s so fast. That’s…like, stupid fast. […]

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Dithering, decisions, delight.

A long and particularly satisfying break, my spoonfullies. M and I had a happy sojourn in Aotearoa and now I’m back with a head full of brains full of ideas and shoes full of feet. I was going to have a bit of a blog-chat about all the things I learned and thought about while […]

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Nestling: Part One

I have a new house! (The capsicum bushes were a big selling point. Drawn in gimp.) M and I have been nestling into our new territory by cooking.  On our first weekend, M made a gloriously tasty batch of croissants. Ooooh, croissants: you taste even better when you are made in celebration of a new […]

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Want to be as awesome as me?

Well you can’t. But you can get closer to awesomeness through making this fantastic roast vegetable soup.  It was cold, dashed cold, when I got up this morning.  1.8°C, the reliable Bureau of Meteorology website informs me. And that, my friends, is enough to encourage me to make soup.  Spicy, rich, lush, roast vegetable soup. […]

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Pink is the new green

Man, do I love soup. Like, a ridiculous fondness for soup. I treat it as some sort of magic elixir, because it’s full of herbs and vegetables and salt (yes, salt is magical).  I’m a raving hippy trapped in a suburban location and soup sings out to the Earth-healing streak in me. I think of […]

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Nourish 4 – Green

Oh soup, how I love you. Still unwell, so I’m turning to the most nourishing thing I can think of.  If baking and the scent of spices calms me, making soup makes me feel like I’m healing myself. I think I must feel like I’m channeling my Inner Wholesome Pagan Wise Woman. Or Inner Peter Rabbit. […]

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The simmer – Part 1

I think my favourite cooking techniques are the slowest.  Today I slow-roasted some red capsicums and tomatoes: (mmmmm, can’t you hear the sizzling?…I rubbed them with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper, and then left them at 150°C for about an hour). Then I chopped up some carrot, garlic, chillies, ginger and onion, […]

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Man, I love soup.  I don’t stop making it in spring and summer, either.  I charge on through and soup my way through the warmer months (although I admit making roast capsicum soup is a bit of a trial when the house is already more than 40°C).  I usually lean towards the thick, tomatoey end […]

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