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That went better than expected

We recently inherited a griddle! A wee cast-iron paddle with ridges and a handle. You heat it up over the gas flame and it leaves pleasing smokey ridges on anything you cook on it. Noteworthy successes have thus far included: zucchini, haloumi, marinaded tofu, and bread. Today, in an unexpected mood of adventurousness (must be […]

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Following an inspirational visit from friends and their tales of wondrous farinaceous delight, I decided my life needed more foccacia. Indeed, yours probably does as well. So I listened the savoury songs they sang, and translated their vision into bread. Much like when Michaelangelo translated the Bayeux Tapestry into rap on So You Think You […]

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No immunity

Normally when I make cakey stuff, it’s from the oats-granola-nuts end of the spectrum. So I don’t quite understand how I came to bake chocolate red wine cookies. I almost regret it because they’re incredible. On the first day I made them, I ate so many I felt sick…then two hours later ate some more. […]

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Awesome setting: 11

Dudes, can you have too much awesome? M has been experimenting with a new dough trick: a huge batch of basic 70% hydration dough, lightly kneaded and popped in the fridge until wanted, topped up occasionally. We’ve been making pizza from it all week. I’ve been theorising (read: thinking on the toilet) about other possibilities […]

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Cake 2: Even Cakier

While I was triumphantly preparing Awesome Cake for the Earth Hour Party I went to (with additional Extra Awesome in the form of Cake Balls), I cranked up the challenge by also making a cake to take to Mumini and Dadini’s for morning tea. Truly, I have been in a world of cake lately. As […]

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I Am Genius. Also balls.

Earth Hour Party: time to make a cake. I kept it easy, with a simple moist chocolate cake. Having seen Pencil Kitchen’s Mango Upside Down Cake (and holy CRAP that looks freaking delicious and different and totally new to me), I was intrigued by the dark, moist chocolate cake, the first chocolate cake recipe I’ve […]

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Not just a sometimes food.

I just made a huge batch of chocolate chip biscuits. Or cookies, depending on your vernacular. The recipe said “makes 18 large cookies” and I’m beginning to think the author and I are working on vastly different scales. Or, maybe a cookie and a biscuit aren’t different words for the same thing after all. Maybe […]

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Firsts!  I did some things for the first time. Neither is about sex or drugs, but keep reading anyway. Go on. Today I made biscotti! Never done that before. Today I also built a garden bed! Also never done that before, and, while satisfying, it was slightly less interesting than the biscotti. Although both lacked […]

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Easy as…

The funny thing about pie is that it is never quite what I anticipate. It’s never quite as robust, never really a hand-held affair. In movies and such, people pick up fat wedges, take a bite and it doesn’t spill out the sides and all over their clothes. I don’t think I have ever had […]

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A ballad of books and bix

I made bikkies! I went to the library! Apparently I am four years old, because this was enough to make me twinkly-cheeked and rosy-eyed. If you are feeling at all ennui-ed, perhaps a little pallid or blue with the ongoing round of daily life, may I suggest a visit to a library and some bikkies […]

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