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The happiness only a fig something something

It takes a lot of figs to persuade me to bake with them. Figs are like the perfect fruit. They taste amazing, they’re beautiful, you can have them sweet (raisin toast and ricotta) or savoury (with rocket, blue cheese and balsamic on flatbread), and I can eat them until I run out of daylight. But […]

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I made pho!

You would not believe how many puns there are that incorporate the Australianised pronunciation of “pho”. I have so far dodged all of them. You’re welcome. I made pho! Back in the day, when I still ate meat, pho was one of my favourite things in the whole world. I loved the flavours, the smell, […]

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When I first started food blogging, I assumed all food bloggers were cooking/serving/eating the same way I did: messily/hastily/quickly. I’ve revised this assumption, based on (a) how many food bloggers mention their cameras and offer advice on shooting your food; and (b) Foodgawker. People out there are committed to the look of it, and I’m […]

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In pursuit of puffiness

If you first read that title as “In pursuit of puffins”, I salute you. We should hang out. M already has a pro hand when it comes to pâte à choux (the steam-risen dough from which gougeres, eclairs and profiteroles are made), but watching this video with Julia Child and Norman Love flicked a switch […]

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Sometimes I’m awesome in the kitchen. I’m audacious, flirtatious, salacious, outrageous. I’m fun, fast and foxy. I’m skilled, zesty, sharp and zinging. This is a fair description of my kitchen presence 90% of the time. Other times I’m not. Not awesome, I mean. I’m daft and forgetful and knock stuff over. I put too much […]

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Things We Are Proud Of

So often, while I’m whipping up a batch of my famous whipped truffle meringues (internationally renowned after being featured on “Fancy-Arse Homes of Unheard-Of Food Bloggers”, the short-lived docu-series on SBS), one of my many admirers will ask, “bethini, what cooking feats are you most proud of?” After I’ve served everyone their meringues and poured […]

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Learn-How Halfway(-ish)

It’s just after half-past 2012, so let’s look at those start-of-year Foodin’ Challenges I set myself, shall we? Wins Raisin bread: Holy hell, I nailed it. Got it right, then made it better. Crumpets: zang. Polenta: Yo, did it, but I don’t think I posted about it. Does it still count, or do I need […]

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I’ll be honest…

…I make it up as I go. I have many citrus. When I mentioned to a friend I was preserving lemons and needed some extra juice, he came to the aid of the party with litres of frozen lemon juice (now sorbet and lemon butter) and a bag full of dezested frozen lemons. Then the […]

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No immunity

Normally when I make cakey stuff, it’s from the oats-granola-nuts end of the spectrum. So I don’t quite understand how I came to bake chocolate red wine cookies. I almost regret it because they’re incredible. On the first day I made them, I ate so many I felt sick…then two hours later ate some more. […]

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Awesome setting: 11

Dudes, can you have too much awesome? M has been experimenting with a new dough trick: a huge batch of basic 70% hydration dough, lightly kneaded and popped in the fridge until wanted, topped up occasionally. We’ve been making pizza from it all week. I’ve been theorising (read: thinking on the toilet) about other possibilities […]

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