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FO Report: Agave

My have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too knitting experiment is concluding and the early signs point to TRIUMPH. Having calculated that I had enough bamboo to make one of the two tanks I wanted, I got a cramp in the brain and decided to make both anyway. The first to finish: the Agave tank. Agave lace in detail (I’ve used […]

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Joined at birth

The body of Agave is finished! But wait…the cord has not been cut… …follow, follow… Why, there’s a whopper on the end of this string! A Coachella! Actually, a flattened Coachella does kinda look like a fish: I am both indecisive and greedy, although I prefer to describe myself as “carefully considers all options” and […]

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The alert among you will know that telltale wigglywoo yarn. That’s an unravelled Agave tank. Bums! There’s a line of purls between each lace panel, and that’s where you work your increases, so as the top tapers outwards, the vertical purl lines become purl panels. I had worked three repeats of the lace pattern before […]

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Holy cow summer knitting!

It’s the first time in quite a while that the two major factors have aligned: the rain is not raining, and the photographer (c’est moi) is interested! And so: behold my WIPs! In the sunshine! I’m amazed I could hold the camera still because I was DANCING! LA LA LA! At the back is cooo-cooo-ca-choo-Coachella! […]

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