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As we drove home from a great weekend, the signs on the side of the road began to finally get our attention. God knows how many we passed before we started reading them, but after about four, we had each decided we needed to pull over and buy the promised fruit. Mangoes! Strawberries! Blueberries! (Mysteriously […]

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Taco time!

So something else that happened while I was recently couchbound was that M splashed out on some masa harina. We’re total pros at wheat tortillas (and their many derivatives, including tortilla chips), but the corn tortilla has always eluded us. Masa harina, it seems, is the key ingredient, so for years we’ve been trying to […]

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A supreme moment

Holy cow you guys I just made the most amazing pasta. Alert readers will recall in a recent post I explained I was dedicating my time couch-side while nursing a virus to researching ways of improving my pasta-making sk1llz (among other things). Well, I’ve turned the corner virus-wise and am well and truly on the […]

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So I’ve been really getting into porridge this year. One of my favourite things is to joosh it up with veggies and spices. Yep. Veggies. If there’s pumpkin in the house, you better believe I’m having pumpkin pie oats. If there isn’t, well hello carrot cake oats. I soak my oats and their fancy fillings […]

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In which M bakes delicious snacks

Since I’ve read a few pages on the internet in the past year or two, I have encountered kale chips here and there. Crispy and light and tasty, there’s a lot to be said for them. Until you’ve tried chard chips… A huge bag of red (scarlet? ruby? blushing?) chard came home with me while […]

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Goals and experiments

Let me make one thing very clear about cooking: knowing how makes eating more fun. Knowing how to cook means you can read food you try somewhere else, identify just what you like about it (“I love the blend of squid ink and paprika!”) and work out ways of having that fun again. If I […]

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POLENTA (n. per-LEN-terrrr)

Crunchiness so astonishing it’ll swoggle your horns to pieces. That’s tonight’s topic. Also: terrible photography. I realise such lax lens-wrangling is barely passable as legitimate communication online, but such is as such is and this is a blog of words, not of photos. Capisce? Splendid. After an eye-opening experience in a great cafe in Moss […]

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Science looks at pizza until the pizza looks back

There’s been a lot of talking ’round these parts about the ways in which pizza can be refined and perfected, tweaked and explored, fondled and manipulated. There is always talks ’round these parts on such matters. We’re a pizza loving people in this house. Tonight: SCIENCE. Which is better hydration for a pizza dough? 65% […]

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Triumph by proxy

I would like to take a moment to praise M and his ability to manifest culinary visions. By which I mean doughnuts. M speaks fondly of memories of watching the doughnut-making machine in the shopping centre, popping rings of fresh(ish) dough into the hot oil, and then conveyer-belting them to completion, where they shimmied down […]

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After a few weeks’ grizzling around the place with a sore back (sleeping with a pillow under your knees is a compromise: your back stops hurting but you do feel like you’re laying in a bucket), I’m finally up and about. Sleeping right, walking properly (not waddling about like I’m trying to hold in farts), […]

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