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Blargh I am dead!

Good morning and kerchoo.  I have a cold.  I am rather relishing it, because while I am too sick to go to work (something about needing a nap after walking from the door to your desk limits your productivity), and I am not too sick to appreciate laying on the couch, knitting and reading.  So […]

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Back in the saddle

It’s been a rough month, and it’s only the 14th.  Now I know December is rarely the easiest of months for anybody (except for people still young enough to wear pyjamas with feet), what with Christmas shopping, winding up work for the year, school plays a-go-go, exams, graduations, work Christmas parties, the horror of extended […]

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Random Wednesday!

{Random 1} I had a flu shot on Monday, and it’s knocked me about a bit. One of the things you’re supposed to learn with Addison’s is to support your immune system consciously. Normally, after a vaccination, your immune system starts chugging away, making the required antibodies to make you immune to whatever your shot […]

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Bad Dreams, Tight Jeans

I don’t get bad dreams all that often. I get lurid and bizarre ones from time to time, as well as ones so beautiful and melodic that I don’t want to wake up. I sometimes have lovely happy dreams that leave me floating on Cloud Nine for the rest of the day. But I had […]

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Cabin Fever

I go back to work on Monday morning. This is a break with a three-week tradition at this stage, and frankly, I’m looking forward to it. I’ll bet I’ll be ready to chuck it all in by lunchtime on the first day. But even that will be a welcome change from the immaculate ennui that […]

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Jiggety Jig

Being discharged from hospital was a decidedly unique experience. Nevermind the visit to the ‘discharge lounge’, a tasteful name if ever I heard one, where we were required to wait while the discharge paperwork was filled in — that was unique enough in its own right. A bunch of patients sitting around, waiting for doctors […]

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What happened?

Oh, sweet, nectar-like irony. Remember in the last post I mentioned I would bet a bottle of red they wouldn’t find anything wrong with me when I did the blood tests? I was so wrong that it was ludicrous. I failed the blood test. Gave them some blood on Monday morning, as well as a […]

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