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The Earth turns and I’m on it. That sounds like a big, momentous opening, but seriously: this year is so far like being strapped to a rocket and it’s both exhilarating (WHEE WHERE ARE WE GOING) and astonishing (who strapped me to a rocket?). I have more work going on than I have in any […]


In summary

So 2016 was a doozy, huh? In a broader cultural sense for the Western world, is was a honker of a year: even leaving aside political upheaval and the deaths of idols, it was a year of vehement public discussion and agitation. Everywhere I went, the culture felt raw and bruised. Then the conversations turn […]

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Nobody’s surprised but us

It will surprise nobody to hear we adopted the cats. Let me explain. We have never met our next-door neighbour. We befriended his greyhound, whom we dubbed Fenceface, and recognised from a distance his two cats, who we called Turtlecat (because she’s a tortoiseshell-and-white) and Brindlebum (because she’s a brindle). The cats were shy and […]

My idea of fun, part 2

I’m in New York this week (WOOOO!), which means my first opportunity to explore my newly-discovered ambition to fly on a flying trapeze. I read Delilah S. Dawson’s splendid and inspiring post about trapeze lessons last year, and decided I was going to do it when I was next in an area that promised it. And […]

My idea of fun

You GUYS! Canberra just got its first puzzle room and it’s the best damn thing ever. A puzzle room is a challenge: the organisers lock you in a room for a set amount of time and you have to solve a series of puzzles to let yourself out. The rules vary from room to room, […]



Friends! Fellow travellers on this cosmic dust-strewn course to eternity! I have RETURNED. From WANDERLUST, Thredbo. Behold my meandering musings and the two photos I remembered to take! For those just joining us, Wanderlust is an international string of yoga festivals. Yep, yoga festivals. Oh sure, there’s dancing and music, and food, and slacklining and […]

The Consolations of History

I’m on a history reading jag and with good reason. History is can be really reassuring. Maybe not so much consolation knowing dates and whatever you had to rote learn, but in knowing people’s responses, directions, and attitudes. This kicked off last year when I read The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood by James Gleick […]


Secksy specksy

NERDS lemme hear ya! When I was a wee nerdlet, I read a Babysitter’s Little Sister book. And by “a…book” you’ll know I meant “all the…books”. The first one I read was the one where the main character (to wit, the little sister) got glasses. And colour me jealous. I wanted those goddamn glasses. I wanted them […]


In which we have not yet lain in the street

…but I tell ya, it was a near thing. This has been an aMAZing year for me. I finished my part-time salaried/in-house job at the end of last year and this year I’ve become a full-time freelancer. To distract from the raging maelstrom of low-level panic that makes the background of your average freelancer’s mind, […]


Reading Time: stretching the boundaries edition

While on a particularly lovely holiday recently, I spent some time reading on a subject matter that I don’t normally read on: information theory. To understand it, I had to learn a little about thermodynamics, advanced maths, science, and a few other titbits I don’t normally get into. And lo, I saw that it was […]