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Deeply empurpled

Dudes, did you know there’s black rice? Holy cow. I grabbed a sushi for lunch the other day, and lo, it had black rice! Well, deep, deep purple if you want to get pedantic about it — that’s apparently anthocyanin, the same stuff that makes blueberries blue, and makes both blueberries and black rice very very good […]


Plenty o’mangoes: Round 7

This will be the last in my gloating mango posts. Mostly because we’ve now eaten all the mangoes. A few were devoted to slurping up: raw, silky and sweet. One was dedicated to a smoothie (which didn’t seem to deserve a blog post, but I will just say: exquisite) and a couple of others were […]

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Plenty o’mangoes: Round 6

One thing you learn swiftly when you’re dallying with food blogging: a lot of food is far less photogenic than it is delicious. I say this by way of warning, because the photo of tonight’s mango triumph really doesn’t do it justice. Inspired by (but very different from) Tomato Blues’s Beach Sundal, this is a […]

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Plenty o’mangoes: Round 5

The mangoes keep on coming! Since pizza makes up a significant proportion of our weekly diet (and by ‘significant’, I trust you understand, I imply ‘vast majority’ and then realise the whole sentence is a grammatical train wreck), it was not only natural that mango would make its way onto a pizza, it was eagerly […]

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Plenty o’mangoes: Round 4

I don’t think it’s cheating to improve upon a great idea. As part of the great mango mania that has swept Chez Spoonfully, fresh mango salsa was undoubtedly a winner (not that there have been any losers in this great tropical fruit rumpus): so why not make it even better? With friends coming over with […]

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Plenty o’mangoes: Round 2

It turns out there are many different types of mango. I probably would be able to tell two apart if I saw them side-by-side, but overall, if you put, say, fifty different types of mango in a pile, I’d see a pile of mangoes, not individual cultivars. It’s flat out ignorance and there’s no excuse […]

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As we drove home from a great weekend, the signs on the side of the road began to finally get our attention. God knows how many we passed before we started reading them, but after about four, we had each decided we needed to pull over and buy the promised fruit. Mangoes! Strawberries! Blueberries! (Mysteriously […]

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Holy balls, why did I wait so long to try tofu scramble? And why do I say “scrambled eggs” but then “tofu scramble”? Allow me to end the suspense right now: I have some answers. I waited so long to try tofu scramble because I love eggs and I assumed the point of tofu scramble […]


The pastry genius

My friends, I appear today to sing the praises of M. I have often said that the best thing about cooking — and I expand this to include every creative endeavour — is the ability to manifest your own ideas. You think “I feel like a quiche, but I’m not sure I want something with […]

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Biere 4: Two points define a straight line

This weekend we opened the second glorious beer made by my two clever hands. A dark ale, the darkest I could make. Dark, dark, dark. But, alas, I couldn’t get a dark ale kit from my kind and friendly local brew shop, so I started with a Bock base. I know. Take a dark German […]

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