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The unread book problem

I’m not alone. I know as soon as you saw that title, you were already nodding sadly and thinking ‘same’. I’ll be honest: in many ways I don’t think of this as a problem. At my last count, I had over 50 unread books waiting for me, in my collection alone. That’s not even counting […]


New year, who dis?

I love New Year’s. Christmas is good and all, but New Year’s is my favourite. On New Year’s Eve, I clear the day and clean the house. I do the stuff I don’t normally do when cleaning generally, like scrubbing the splashed gunk off the kettle and washing the front of the dishwasher. Last year […]


In summary

So 2016 was a doozy, huh? In a broader cultural sense for the Western world, is was a honker of a year: even leaving aside political upheaval and the deaths of idols, it was a year of vehement public discussion and agitation. Everywhere I went, the culture felt raw and bruised. Then the conversations turn […]

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Another orbit around the burning day star

Whoop! Happy New Year friends! Those who have the good fortune to know me in real life may know that I love me a New Year. I know plenty who say “it’s just another day”, but shut up. This is the day we all agree to acknowledge that we’ve completed another orbit around the sun: […]

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Part of this complete breakfast

One of the best bits of my job(s) — maybe even THE best bit, on some days — is all the reading. I’ve always been a…shall we say…revolting glutton of a voracious reader. I read so many books, quickly, deeply, and often a few times over. (“Oooh, that bit was particularly good…better make extra sure it’s […]

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New Year’s Day: Let’s see here

Good morning and welcome to 2015! One of my favourite traditions, which I first read about on the Yarn Harlot’s blog, is spend New Year’s Day doing a little of everything you want to do in the year. So I’ll be spending some time on all sorts of things: yoga, reading, writing, working, walking, knitting, […]


Thanks 2014!

So it’s been an up-and-down kinda year. I’m reluctant to call any year a bad one (although there have been some 12-month periods of spectacular suckiness), but this one had some moments. (Speaking strictly personally here: I don’t have the words to even start on some of the massive horrible things that have happened around […]


*whistle* Half-time over! Back on the field!

The year gallops! A friend once said to me that after August, there’s basically only a fortnight to Christmas. It’s been an intense year for me, and the second half of it is doubling down and getting even more vigorous. We spent June overseas, in the US and Switzerland, and came home with heads full […]

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An Analysis of an Illness

Early warning signs: Scene I M: Do you want a cup of tea? bethini: I don’t care. M: Do you want to watch Spongebob? bethini: *dribbling audibly* What? Yes, please. M: Maybe you should have an early night. bethini: It won’t help. Nothing helps. Scene II bethini: I think that works well. boss: Are you […]


Sick day

The day after we got back from NZ, I felt the unmistakeable stirrings of a cold. The sore throat, stiff joints: nothing major, but very present and very emphatic. I thought I’d kicked it, after a week-long wrestle of reduced energy and tiredness, but on Monday it broke through and now I’m flattened. Addison’s Disease, […]

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