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A consummation devoutly to be wish’d

Friends, the most fantastic thing happened. Now, to stop everyone getting all excited, I want to make this clear: this is about knitting and knitting projects. We’re not talking life-changing events or meteor showers or anything else that gives you a new perspective on this sparkling rock upon which we’re all spinning around the sun. But I’m excited and it is a most fantastic thing that happened.

I went away on a holiday for a little while with the trusty and valiant M. While travelling, I worked only on a single project: a sleeve to M’s sweater, which has been on the cards since, oh, March. (For the record, let me clarify: this was in August.) (Actually, now I write that out, it isn’t as bad as I thought.) When I got home, all I wanted—and I mean this most emphatically—all I wanted to knit was that jumper. And what’s more: I was burning to finish it.

Finish it I did.

M's sweater neckline

The neckline of M’s sweater which was, I should say, a feat of cleverness

And when that was done, the cardigan loitering in my cupboard—all done but the zipper—started nagging at me. So I got to it, and: pop. Another project done.

The author poses in her new cardigan


And then there were the other knitting jobs I had been meaning to get around to: learning the fish lips kiss heel; the beaded cuff I had been meaning to finish; the felted slippers I had wanted to make…

A picture of my new felted slippers


Heck, those only took a week from start to felt.

It’s finally happened. I’ve been struck with finishitupitis. It’s the rare illness that strikes the lucky knitter, and its primary symptom is a consuming need to finish all the projects that are on the go. And when it happens, you run the heck with it.

It’s slowed a little now, but I still just want to work at one thing and one thing only. It’s bizarro pants and it feels really alien to me. But it’s so nice to have finished things! I have on the needles at present: two socks. (Different ones.) And a swatch for an upcoming project. THAT’S IT. Who even am I anymore?

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