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FO Report: Patchy the Pachyderm

Having had some shall-we-say-issues with knitting lately, I did the only sensible thing an irked knitter could do: I put all my projects to one side and took up the needles in honour of a new arrival in my friends’ life.

Behold Patchy the Pachyderm!

Purple knitted elephant toy

Patchy, tall and proud

The Skanda Vale Hospice prepared and distributed this pattern with the encouragement you knit elephants for sale, and then donate the sale proceeds to the Hospice — I’ve made a donation directly to the Hospice, essentially buying the elephant from myself. I think there’s something lovely about giving to a group that looks after people at the end of their life so I can give something to a pair looking after someone at the start of their life.

Patchy's tuchus


The pattern is easy and straightforward (your standard mix of stockinette, increases, decreases, and such). If (when) I knit another elephant, I’ll probably make some adjustments:

  • working the back as a series of short rows rather than staggered bind-offs;
  • replace the centre back and centre belly seams with three-needle bind-offs (I think grafting wouldn’t be strong enough against the force of the stuffing);
  • hold the yarn double for the ears to make a thicker, less floppy fabric.

Patchy was built using a blend of last-of-the-ball yarns from the stash: I could guess at a couple, but I think they’re out of production anyway, so why send you on a wild goose chase?

Side picture of purple knitted elephant toy

Patchy in profile

Whatever scraps you have will make a lovely Patchy. As always when working with scraps from the stash, make sure they’re more or less the same weight, and make sure you have enough. Patchy takes up a lotta yarn!

Pattern: Skanda Vale Hospice Knit an Elephant.
Yarn: Your guess is as good as mine.
Rating: 10/10, would elephant again.

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