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Splittin’ bananas and takin’ names

Sometimes I see foods on shows and in movies and immediately crave them. Pizza’s a big one: even when the pizza depicted is not even remotely what I like in a pizza (I like mine thin, no more than four toppings including the sauce and the cheese, and no meat, but cartoon depictions of pizza look nothing like that), I want pizza. Now. Scotch and champagne, too — it took me quite a few goes to see Withnail and I sober all the way to the end.

But to hasten to my point and not distract myself any further with food lust, banana splits! Right? As a child I found them bitterly disappointing, but what the fuck is the point of adulthood if not to live your best life and recreate the desserts your childhood self never really understood the point of?

a closeup of a delicious banana split


So I did! We celebrated the successful transfer of the blog to its new host (NB change in URL above) through this delicious sundae. I argue that a sundae is in the fixins, which is why it always fell short when I were a wee tacker. Banana and ice cream on their own is nice, but to really make it something worth blogging about you need a judicious selection of toppings. My magic combination: chocolate syrup, dried coconut and “granulated nuts” according to the package (because “leftover peanut bits” doesn’t sell as well).

I also built a bookcase! Well, “built” in the IKEA sense, but it still took me about an hour and I had to do measuring and hammering and stuff, and it all came together, so I’m calling it. I’ve resisted getting another bookcase for some time, because I don’t want a crowded office, but I gotta say: it looks great. I’ve filled it with texts about editing/indexing/words in general, texts about yoga, and texts about music — I’m pretending it’s my serious business bookshelf. Unfortunately, its position (adjacent a window) doesn’t lend itself to good photos, so no shelfies for now: just imagine all your secret bookish fantasies manifested in a tall, elegant shelfdom.

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