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Sheepy beeps

During a recent month-long dalliance with cruddy health, I did not do a lot of knitting. Fatigue was a big part of this, and not just how you’d think. I felt too tired to concentrate on a pattern, remember where I was up to, and maintain a level of trust that the on-the-needles hot mess would turn out great in the long run. Instead I worked small, fun, and fast. And the smallest, funnest, fastest knit of all was this Baable Hat. (Here’s the Rav link, too.)

The Baable Hat: close up

Sheeps in progress

Let us all pause and reflect on the delight of calling it the Baable Hat. Let us pause and reflect on its darling little sheepies, of varying sizes. Let us reflect on the gentle snow falling on these little sheepies—these unperturbed sheepies, more interested in the observer than the snow.


Ornamented by sheepies

I have an unreasonable adoration of this hat. (Considering it’s summer.) The sheep are adorable and were fast and easy to turn out. I invested zero expertise in this hat: I dug out yarn from the stash, didn’t swatch, and blindly followed the instructions. And lo, it is so rad.


Completed: behold my pompommery

And the pompom! I have made one (1) pompom in the past bazillion years, and yet the pompom absolutely makes this hat.

The whole hat took maybe a day to make: it was fun, fast, adorable. If you’re not sure about your stranded knitting skills, give this one a go. It’s easy and satisfying and you’ll end up with a supercute little sheepie hat! WIN!

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