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FO Report: Hitchhiker scarf

Oooh, baby, do you smell a scarf addiction burning? Cos I do.

bethini wearing the Hitchhiker Scarf

The author/knitter/model poses gleefully.

After a near-completion, followed by a complete-restarting, I finished Hitchhiker while we were travelling. I’m glad I had it with me while we travelled (which is not the same as saying “I’m glad I royally cocked it up once already”) because it was fantastic travel knitting. Easy to pick up and figure out where you’re up to, and nothing too complex to memorise. Once you’ve done a few rounds, you’ve got the pattern down pat and then you just keep on truckin’.

bethini wearing Hitchhiker, from a different angle

The performance continues until the photographer grows weary.

I’ve never made a scarf like this. It stays on. I don’t have to keep tossing one end over my shoulder like a regimental soldier. It stays on. I drape the two ends over my chest just so and it looks awesome. I’ve never really accessorised with scarves (apart from a phase with light floaty decorative scarves in my uni days that I’m desperately trying to forget) but now I think I get it. I haven’t taken Hitchhiker off for three days.

Close-up of the sawtooth edging on the Hitchhiker scarf


And here’s a close-up of the sawtooth edging! Very very rad.

Pattern: Hitchhiker (Rav link) by Martina Behm.
Yarn: Opal Sock Yarn in…oh, look, I’ve lost the ball band, but it’s orange and pink and red and I think they don’t make it anymore.
Rating: A million. Would make again, except I bought the four-pattern ebook from Martina Behm and now I’m halfway through Lintilla. So, yeah.

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