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{ Monthly Archives } August 2015

Reading time: What is the use of a book without pictures or conversation?

Dudes, it’s time I started reading comics. For goodness’s sake, comics and graphic novels are rad lit: what am I waiting for? I’ll tell you what: I’m waiting to know where to start! If you’re keen on comics and aren’t sure how to start — because it’s like trying to take a bite out of […]


Challenge Accepted

We got back from Tasmania just over a week ago and I’ve held off posting anything because, well, dudes I don’t know where to start. Tasmania is sorta familiar turf for us: this is our third trip there, and I often describe it as one of my many spiritual homes. But we haven’t been back […]


FO Report: Hitchhiker scarf

Oooh, baby, do you smell a scarf addiction burning? Cos I do. After a near-completion, followed by a complete-restarting, I finished Hitchhiker while we were travelling. I’m glad I had it with me while we travelled (which is not the same as saying “I’m glad I royally cocked it up once already”) because it was […]

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