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New Year’s Day: Let’s see here

Good morning and welcome to 2015! One of my favourite traditions, which I first read about on the Yarn Harlot’s blog, is spend New Year’s Day doing a little of everything you want to do in the year. So I’ll be spending some time on all sorts of things: yoga, reading, writing, working, walking, knitting, playing musical instruments, chatting, and being happy. I realise the tradition isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but I intend to cover as many bases as I can.

And one of the things I certainly want to do in 2015 is blog! Today we’re going to do a where-it’s-at post, where we have a look at things I have begun and have not finished, and things I plan to do, learn, or try. Because this is a new year, without any crap-ups in it, and I am just stinking with optimism.

Knits in Progress

  • A sock! In Berroco Comfort Sock, Stewart Island colourway. This yarn is pretty much my go-to for wool-free sock knitting. It’s a basic, toe-up, short-row heel type thing and it’s practically knitting itself.
  • The Paper Crane cardigan. Last year I finally made peace with the fact that my beloved drapey light cardigan was begging to be put down. Once pale blue, it is now stained, torn, slightly unravelled, and really not attractive anymore. It had moved well beyond ‘charmingly dishevelled’ to ‘probably homeless’, and I’m not hip enough to rock that look. SO I’m making Paper Crane and it’s going to be the most challenging thing I’ve ever made. Partly because it’s a pretty tall emotional order to fill (pale blue made me feel like a poet), but mostly because it’s laceweight. A laceweight cardie. Am I crazy? Maybe.
  • This cutey: the Pinoli hoodie by Amy Christoffers. A textured zippered hoodie/cardie, and boy is it cute.
  • Kinda-sorta: I have this lovely laceweight yarn, and I haven’t the faintest idea what to make of them. I started making Juno Regina, which I LOVE and MUST MAKE, but this yarn? Eenh, not so much. The variegation plus lace produces a kind of chaotic mess. So something else is going to happen with this yarn. Not sure what, but it is definitely a goal this year to put that yarn to good use!

Books in progress

Oh lordy. Look, let’s only count the ones I’ve started, okay? Let’s not count the unstarted-but-am-totally-about-to-start ones, or we’ll be here all night.

  • Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama — dropped off on my desk by a friendly passing coworker. Awesome so far.
  • Kameron Hurley’s Bel Dame Apocrypha series — currently up to book two of the trilogy, Infidel.
  • The History of Jazz by Ted Gioia — slow work, because it’s dense, thorough, and fascinating!
  • Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond — like History of Jazz, I keep putting it off because I’m waiting for a big chunk of free time to really commit to it.
  • The Rook by Daniel O’Malley — started reading the free sample (the first four chapters) on O’Malley’s site, and it’s great! A lot of coolness. FYI authors, giving up the first four chapters is a juicy hook for a bookfish like me!
  • Working Words by Elizabeth Manning Murphy — I received my accreditation from the Institute of Professional Editors this year, so to celebrate I treated myself to a couple of books by one of my city’s noteworthy editors.
  • The Functional Anatomy of Yoga by David Keil — by the writer behind the Yoganatomy blog, and jolly good it is too.

This is worse than I thought.

Recipes to pursue

There’s a lot I want to refine this year. Corn tortillas! Yes, the holy grail of flatbreads: corn tortillas. Supple and delicious, and it’s high time I started paying M back for all the ones he’s made me. Meanwhile, I’m thinking this might be the year to try a few more experimental cheeses, non? Would you eat home-grown blue vein cheese? And you’ll need some beer to go with it! After a successful string of lagers, it’s time I rolled my sleeves up and got stuck into the pale ales again. And another successful ginger beer would not go astray!

Works in progress, misc

  • I’m about one-sixteenth into sewing a coat in last year’s Pantone colour of the year. I should finish that up before it gets embarrassing.
  • I’ve just become a full-time freelancer so I’ve got some Businessing to do. YEAH!
  • On track to finish my yoga teacher training mid-January: VERY awesome indeed.
  • Less awesome: root canal scheduled for next year, kicking off late January. Less awesome indeed.
  • Currently playing Broken Age with M: after that, moving on to Braid!

For a moment there I was beginning to think it was a bad idea to get all this written out: it’s easy to get overwhelmed at this time of year and suddenly all the things you want to do become things you have to do. That’s no fun. No! This is going to be a year of work, no question, but dammit, there’s going to be loads of fun, too!

Let’s dance, 2015!

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