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Plenty o’mangoes: Round 7

This will be the last in my gloating mango posts. Mostly because we’ve now eaten all the mangoes. A few were devoted to slurping up: raw, silky and sweet. One was dedicated to a smoothie (which didn’t seem to deserve a blog post, but I will just say: exquisite) and a couple of others were repeat performances of earlier dishes. But the one final recipe I’d like to share is mango and tofu rice paper rolls with bánh xèo! Fancy, no?

A mango and tofu rice paper roll, pre-wrapping

Interior view

Bánh xèo is a fantastic addition to your culinary repertoire, I gotta say. I think it’s a Vietnamese recipe, although it also appears in Thai, Khmer and Cambodian cooking. Recipes vary widely, and you can buy packet mixes too, but they usually use rice flour, coconut milk tumeric and water: some use shallots, some use sugar, some use eggs. You can do whatever you like; I’m not your boss, jeez. Whip ’em up and fry like crepes: they’re thin and broad, and then you wrap them around some filling like bean sprouts, prawns, whatevs! When M makes them, we tend to wrap them around things and then wrap the lot in broad lettuce leaves or, as in this evening, rice paper wrappers.

Mango and tofu rice paper roll

Exterior view

These rice paper rolls had bánh xèo, sweet glazed tofu, mixed salad leaves, and our secret ingredient of the month, mango! The top picture includes chilli sauce: optional, but highly recommended unless you have an allergy to chilli, as some very charming bloggers do.

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