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Plenty o’mangoes: Round 5

The mangoes keep on coming!

Since pizza makes up a significant proportion of our weekly diet (and by ‘significant’, I trust you understand, I imply ‘vast majority’ and then realise the whole sentence is a grammatical train wreck), it was not only natural that mango would make its way onto a pizza, it was eagerly anticipated. I’m surprised we waited as long as we did, actually.

I don't mind admitting it's a bit out there.

Crazy damn pizza.

It was, as the caption says above, a crazy damn pizza. The sauce was cream cheese (also made by moi, if we can just have a little pause for the fervent applause…thank you), topped with shallots, mango salsa and pan-fried honey-soy tofu strips. Yup. I don’t know what kind of cuisine you could call that, but we’re not big on crippling our creativity with labels around here, so we just call it awesome.

A close up of the crazy pizza

Emphasis on the mango.

The honey-soy tofu (fry tofu until cooked, and then add your honey-soy sauce of choice over the tofu, into the hot pan, and cook off the extra liquid) was a fantastic match to the sweet/tangy salsa, and the cream cheese base gave a smooth, slightly tangy background flavour.

Rockin’ this mango season! YES.

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