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Plenty o’mangoes: Round 4

I don’t think it’s cheating to improve upon a great idea. As part of the great mango mania that has swept Chez Spoonfully, fresh mango salsa was undoubtedly a winner (not that there have been any losers in this great tropical fruit rumpus): so why not make it even better?

With friends coming over with justified eagerness for M’s corn tortillas, I had a strong incentive to follow my mango-loving heart. Presented for your excitement: mango and grilled sweetcorn salsa.

Mango and corn salsa

Sweet and tangy niblets!

Deliciously sweet and tangy, this is an ideal partner for just about anything you would put on a taco. We had black beans, guacamole and cream cheese, forex, and bloody good it was too.

It’s an easy one, too. To summarise the recipe: finely chop some spring or purple onions, and leave them to sit in a bowl of lime juice for a few hours. (I mean, not like a whole bowl of lime juice, but put the onions in a bowl, and then cover with a little lime juice.) An hour will see the edge off the onions, and a little longer is better. Dry-fry a drained can of corn kernels OR, if you’re lucky enough, the kernels off two or three cobs of fresh corn. Fry them until they start getting little browned patches. Cool briefly and add to the onion/lime mix. Add some finely chopped coriander and small cubes of mango: toss the lot with a little salt to taste. This is fresh and sweet and bright and I challenge you not to want more of it than you can make.

It was a smash success, and rightly so.

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