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Plenty o’mangoes: Round 3

I think the first time I ever (knowingly) had savoury mango was in a mango salsa. Bright and sweet, delicious and fresh: I can’t even remember the context. It could have been on corn fritters, or in a salad, or on a pizza. Who cares? It stuck with me as a delicious thing, to be dreamed of during late nights and searched for on menus. I suspect mango salsa involved a bit of a moment in the local cuisine’s history, maybe in the late 90s, when it was super popular and then suddenly fizzled out as quickly as it had come. I hardly see it anymore, although maybe it’s because I don’t get out enough. (Shut up. It is not.)

A bright mango salsa!

So squashy, so good.

I was super excited about making a fresh mango salsa from scratch! Pow pow pow, fresh tangy flavours! I have to admit, however, that it wasn’t easy to photograph. The above photo might as well be captioned “splat”. BUt you’re an imaginative lot, right? You can imagine it! I soaked some shallots in lime juice while I did some LIFTING (GUH_DOOSZH), and then finely chopped a whole mango and added it, along with some coriander and flat leafed parsley, and a pinch of salt. Now here’s the clever bit (I think). I reserved a few slices of mango and mashed them before adding them as a purée and stirring vigorously. This released a lot of juice, which mixed with the lime and created a beautifully balanced dressing that sang of sweet and sour.

A picture of the fresh mango salsa.

Mango salsa again!

We served the mango salsa ladled on top of toasted pumpernickel bagels (made by M) topped with sliced avocado. This is what I want to eat three times per week for the rest of my life, if anybody’s curious. It was amazing! I took a photo but I was clearly too excited because the photo is an avant-garde celebration of colour that could feasibly be titled “smear”. (Obviously, I can’t put it on the blog because I’ve had a very very expensive private commission to sell it to a famous art gallery called Le Fance.) (I’ve said too much.)

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