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So I’ve been really getting into porridge this year. One of my favourite things is to joosh it up with veggies and spices. Yep. Veggies. If there’s pumpkin in the house, you better believe I’m having pumpkin pie oats. If there isn’t, well hello carrot cake oats.

I soak my oats and their fancy fillings the night before. Last night I filled my bowl with shredded carrot, finely ground fresh ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and sultanas. Then you add equal parts (by volume) water, milk and rolled oats, let it sit overnight, and breakfast is ready! (Although cold.)

This morning I smugly microwaved my oats while M prepared his Weetbix, congratulating myself on my forthcoming excellent repast. And then I took my bowl out of the microwave.
“Don’t make that face.” Said M.
“I forgot to put oats in this.” I said.

In pursuit of glorious exotic porridge, I forgot what really matters. The goddamn oats.

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