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I have to admit, there’s been some dabbling in the exotic arts.

Smaller cut-out pieces of jacket sewing project


I’m not much of a sewer. I grew up with an exceptional sewer: there’s not a damn thing my Mumini can’t make using just her sewing machine and an afternoon. She once sewed an entire wedding party: the bride’s dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the groomsmen’s waistcoats, the mother-of-the-bride’s outfit, and even new outfits for us to wear in attendance (that took about six weeks, not an afternoon, I hasten to add). Blimey. For the longest time, I figured I knew how to sew because Mumini had showed me. But the fact was, I was barely absorbing a thing because I was pretty arrogant and figured I already knew how to sew. (Logic.) I’m also impatient and don’t like things that are irreversible (such as, say, cutting out fabric).

Now I sew when I have to and knit when I don’t. But when I was clearing out my cupboard earlier this year, I found a ridiculous amount of fabric stashed away. Like, a *ridiculous* amount. Like, I think I might have more fabric than yarn, for realsies. Not to mention all the stuff that goes along with it: tracing wheels, unpickers, cutting mats, zippers, chalk, threads, bobbins, HABERDASHERY! Sewing is a gear hobby. While I sorted the fabric into ‘give away’ and ‘give away also’ piles, I came across some fabric I used for a coat years ago. That particular coat was a big ol’ flop, but it looked to me like I might have enough left over for another short coat. One last hurrah?

At first I thought I’d stay quiet about it: I thought my near-certain failure could be politely swept under the blog rug, and we needn’t notice the lack of a gorgeous faux-suede, fleece-lined, hip-length dark purple coat in my wardrobe at all. But then I decided that blog posts don’t grow on trees, and anyway, if there’s a big crafty disaster in my future, I want to milk it for all its blogworthiness!

Progress so far: I have cut out the jacket pieces, reinforced the detail pieces (like facings, pocket flaps, and collar pieces), and traced the placement markers for darts and other such pieces where needed.

I’m looking forward to how this plays out! Stay tuned.

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