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The infatuation continues

I’ve been working on M’s Urban Aran cardigan, and hot damn if it isn’t still my favourite thing to knit ever. EVER. I know I thought I felt this way before, but I was but a child then. This is the real deal. We had a rough patch, but we’re through it now. My fault, really.

I’ve finished the back (but for now, you will have to imagine it: pics will be forthcoming) and have proceeded merrily on to the two fronts. This is where we had our little tiff. I put off starting the two fronts for longer than I’d like to admit, since it seemed like it would involve a lot more brain activity than I had available. The Urban Aran pattern is a pullover, and I’m taking Brooklyn Tweed’s cardigan adaptation as my inspiration. To split the front of a pullover to turn it into a zippered cardigan, you need to divide the pattern in two halves and add extra stitches for seam allowance (at the middle, I mean: the edges already had seam stitches).

Fronts of Urban Aran cardigan

The two fronts, worked simultaneously.

And, uh, that’s it. That’s what was blocking me. That’s the big thing that led me to avoid working on my beloved for, well, not ages, but several heartaching days. Anyway, after a stern talking to from myself, I jumped in and started the two fronts off. And I did cock up, in the most ridiculous way imaginable: instead of working the opening rib section in smaller needles, my brain intervened at the critical second and I selected larger needles. M and I debated the merits of a front peplum on his cardie, and ultimately reached a compromise where I would unravel and start over and he would not have to wear a peplum. Lesson learned: it’s just knitting. You cock it up, you start over. Nobody dies, nobody even bleeds or runs short of breath.

After that minor false step, we’re underway! You probably can’t tell from the above, but there’s a blissful sea of knitting awaiting me. Those side cable panels sit just above the hip, which encourages the appearance of that cool v-shaped silhouette, and the rest of the body is clinging rib (plus those two central cable columns alongside the zip). It’s going to look awesome, but right now all I care about is that my knitting and I are back together and on track.

I can’t wait to see what our sleeves will look like.

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