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{ Monthly Archives } May 2014

Moving around and clearing it out

You’ve probably heard by now about the link between exercise and mental health, yeah? I mean, the fact that moving around makes you feel good? Seriously, you haven’t? Get out there and Google it, ya fool! This is serious stuff. I’ll wait. See what I mean? I’ll bet the results for your search covered scholarly […]


Fatigue, fun, and frustration

Two things happened this year to give me reason to think about the triple-F of the heading up there. Fatigue, fun, and frustration. One: my job and workload shifted dramatically (and, I’m pleased to say, temporarily) so that I had fewer free hours, and fewer well-rested hours within those free hours. Two: my Mumini got […]


The infatuation continues

I’ve been working on M’s Urban Aran cardigan, and hot damn if it isn’t still my favourite thing to knit ever. EVER. I know I thought I felt this way before, but I was but a child then. This is the real deal. We had a rough patch, but we’re through it now. My fault, […]

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Tiny details

A wee while ago, I was in Melbourne with some friends, and I finished the socks I was working on. I had a lot of grey yarn left to work with, and a lot of time to work with it: creativity stepped in and saved me from boring myself to the brink of insanity. It […]

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The phyllo phlop

This has been a fairly heavy year so far. Nothing terrible has happened to me and mine, rest assured. But I did take on extra duties at work: between scheduled leave and the unplanned-for absence of two major hitters in our team of six, I’ve had to pull a lot of extra work this year. […]

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