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Just trying it out

Once upon a time, I used to sew. Still do when I have to, like lifting hems and mending things; attaching fresh elastic to fitted bedsheets. I like sewing, but I love knitting, so when it comes down to which would I rather spend my scant free time doing, the choice is obvious.

Pattern pieces overview

Just testing it out, seeing if I like it

But that doesn’t mean I’m immune to the urge. A rummage in the cupboard the other day accidentally revealed a bundle of fabric I had forgotten I bought about ten years ago. It’s fleece-lined faux suede in the most awesome shade of magenta.

Pattern pieces detail

Nothing to worry about.

The pattern design and distribution company Burda has caught up with the internet since I last checked in with them: you can now buy your patterns as pdf files, which you print and tape together to make an enormous pattern sheet. Then you trace (or just cut out) the pattern pieces in the size you want. Sounds fairly straightforward, right? I can’t speak for everyone, but the chances of me lining up every pattern piece correctly are lower than the chances of me retiring young and opening a unicorn ranch. So for now I’m confining my efforts to patterns that can tolerate a degree of ease, like coats.

Of course now that we’ve overcome that little obstacle, I’m imagining all the other ways this project could barf all over new, and frankly it’s paralysing. I miss knitting. You can unravel knitting.

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