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FO Report: Kerrera!

It’s beautiful, it’s done, it’s finished, and it’s allll mine.

Preeeesenting Kerrera!

Preeeesenting Kerrera!

Kerrera was an enjoyable pattern to work on: coming from the excellent Gudrun Johnston, you’d expect nothing less. It’s a well-laid-out pattern, covers a good range of sizes, and is comfortably and logically laid out. The double garter stitch that trims the hem, button bands, hood, cuffs and pockets is fiddly at first and then completely awesome. But for me, the big winner is the finished object you see before you.

Feelin' smug, lookin' good.

Feelin’ smug, lookin’ good.

I knitted this out of Kollage Riveting Worsted, a yarn I was fascinated with as soon as I learned about it. It’s a post-consumer yarn, recycled from denim jeans, and I love it to bits. It feels soft, the way old denim jeans do just before your Mum tells you to replace them. And it feels sturdy, the way new denim jeans do when your Mum finally replaces them for you. The knitted fabric is robust, but with a good drape and wonderful stitch definition. The finished garment is comfortably weighty, which is to say you know you’re wearing it, but it doesn’t feel like a coat or anything.



The yarn had a unique smell that made me think of being fifteen. Something like incense and denim (both of which featured heavily in my teenagedom).

Whoa, pockets!

Whoa, pockets!

I dig this design. I love where the pockets sit, and I also love that there are pockets. I love the way the hood slouches the collar open; I love the three grey toggles at the chest. I love how well it fits me, with bracelet-length sleeves, and I love the false seam running up each side under the arm.

yessss...all mine...

yessss…all mine…

I’m super pleased over here.

Yarn: Kollage Worsted Riveting
Pattern: Kerrera by Gudrun Johnston (Rav link)

(I also noticed on Ravelry that Gudrun’s also done a version of the pattern for kids and littlies, and it looks great!)

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