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{ Monthly Archives } March 2014

The pastry genius

My friends, I appear today to sing the praises of M. I have often said that the best thing about cooking — and I expand this to include every creative endeavour — is the ability to manifest your own ideas. You think “I feel like a quiche, but I’m not sure I want something with […]

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FO Report: Whaley

When it came time to label and name my photos, there were at least eleven of Whaley jacket. Because this might be the cutest and coolest thing I’ve ever made. This is Save the Baby Whales by Sargantana Formenterenca (Rav link). Alert readers will notice the presence of matching sleeves, an erstwhile cause for concern […]

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FO Report: Kerrera!

It’s beautiful, it’s done, it’s finished, and it’s allll mine. Kerrera was an enjoyable pattern to work on: coming from the excellent Gudrun Johnston, you’d expect nothing less. It’s a well-laid-out pattern, covers a good range of sizes, and is comfortably and logically laid out. The double garter stitch that trims the hem, button bands, […]

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Bookitty bookitty boo

Redshirts – John Scalzi It was always a matter of time before I read this one: I loved the premise of this book before I even read it. Redshirts, just to fill you in, are the extras who are inevitably killed off in Star Trek. Identified as lower-ranking staff by the red uniforms, their deaths […]



As I get better at knitting, one of the things that changes is the point at which failure can enter into the equation. It’s been a long time since I had to declare a project cocked up beyond all repair (COBAR). And it’s been even longer since circumstances defeated me. But there are some things […]

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My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby in May. In all the excitement, I’ve been knitting (of course). This baby is the first of the immediate family babies, and so I feel far more confident knitting for it. Frankly, if the knitting sucks, the baby will just have to put up with […]

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