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FO Report: Socks.

I don’t usually bother with an FO Report for socks. They’re so straightforward and functional that celebrating them seems like a mismatch of character. And they’re so frequent that FO Reports would soon get tedious. I usually follow the same pattern: Judy’s Magic Cast On, toe up, short-row heel, then some rib and Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off. They fit like a charm, are soothing and fun to knit, and I love ’em.

But this time was especially special.

Double flawless.

Double flawless.

For a start, they’re a gift. These colours, this fit, this silky silky yarn: they are for Mumini. It’s her birthday, and as a devout appreciateur of the fine, the soft and the beautiful, I can think of no better recipient. She loves the polished and lovely, and she loves handmade socks. I am pleased to pass them on to her.

The other reason these are exciting is their woollessness. I have had a long love affair with sock wool: it’s sturdy, springy, light, warm and very comfortable. You can get superwash so they’re as tough as anything, and the range of colours and patterns are unmatched by any other group of yarns. They’re wonderful and my groaning sock yarn box can attest to the fact. But. A lot of these excellent qualities stem from the use of wool. And I’ve decided that using animal yarns is not for me anymore. So I’ve been slowly replacing the yarns in the box with vegan yarns. This beauty is SMC – now known as Schachenmayr – On Your Toes Bamboo (colour: Antique Print). They colourway is shades of grey, mushroom pink and cream. This yarn was a joy to knit with. I didn’t have any problem with splitting or knots, and it was soft and silky over my fingers. Love it! Of course, it’s too early to tell how it will last in terms of durability and lack of pilling, but right now I’m floating on such a cloud that I feel like I’d be happy to knit more socks just to keep working with this yarn, longevity be damned. Which is great, because I am.

Pattern: plain old toe-up of my own devising: Judy’s Magic Cast On, toe up, short-row heel, then some rib and Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off.

Yarn: SMC On Your Toes Bamboo in Antique Print.



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