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Needles of fierce fury


Fierce needles!

I don’t mean “fury” as in “whoa so angry these needles!” but fury as in “whoa, fast as fury!” Which made sense a moment ago. Not to worry! Let’s soldier on! I’d like to introduce you to Kerrera. Another product of the inimitable Gudrun Johnson, Kerrera is (or will be) a cardiehoodie with pockets. Hooray! And it’s rattling along pretty damn quick. Body and one and a half sleeves done before I’ve even had a chance to check in with the blog. That speedy! That FIERCE. I loved this pattern as soon as I saw it, and I loved the notion of recycled denim yarn before I’d even touched it. It was meant to be.

All a-sprawl

All a-sprawl

Of course, now it’s almost full-size, I have to awkwardly schlep around a second bag, bigger and more dangerous than the first. Dangerous because it’s stuffed full to a rotund bouncey shape: bouncey with sharp pointy sticks poking out the top so I can access them easily. But that’s okay because I don’t go many places where such things would be embarrassing (are there such places?).


Hem detail

I’m moving fast and fierce with this amazing jacket, which should see me finish it just in time for the January heatwave. Dang.

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