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Biere 4: Two points define a straight line

This weekend we opened the second glorious beer made by my two clever hands.

A dark ale, the darkest I could make. Dark, dark, dark. But, alas, I couldn’t get a dark ale kit from my kind and friendly local brew shop, so I started with a Bock base. I know. Take a dark German lager base and force it to brew as an ale? Surely no beer has ever transgressed the rule of sense and righteousness! What manner of unholy brew is this??

I give you the darkest of the dark: The Night Mother’s Black Sacrament. (Skyrim players are doubtless chortling.)

Sinister, no?

Sinister, no?

Not quite a stout, but certainly in that flavour-family: this is the second triumphant beer I have made. And as two points set a straight line, so do two triumphs set a tradition! Commence the next beer-making.

Dudes, does yeast bite? Cos I’ve caught a FEVER. And the cure is MAKIN’ BEER!

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