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{ Monthly Archives } July 2013

Reading Time: Maya Angelou edition

Reading time, friends! It’s been all Maya, all the time around here. Well, maybe not all the time, but solidly for the past twenty-four hours, in which time I inhaled three of her books: Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry Like Christmas The Heart of a Woman Even the Stars Look Lonesome I love Angelou’s […]



I can make bread. I can make yoghurt. I can make cheese. I can button buttons and tie laces and count by twos and threes. The logical next step was learning how to make the greatest gift God bottled mankind: beer! I researched the crap out of this. And it seems I’ve slipped on a […]

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Goals and experiments

Let me make one thing very clear about cooking: knowing how makes eating more fun. Knowing how to cook means you can read food you try somewhere else, identify just what you like about it (“I love the blend of squid ink and paprika!”) and work out ways of having that fun again. If I […]


POLENTA (n. per-LEN-terrrr)

Crunchiness so astonishing it’ll swoggle your horns to pieces. That’s tonight’s topic. Also: terrible photography. I realise such lax lens-wrangling is barely passable as legitimate communication online, but such is as such is and this is a blog of words, not of photos. Capisce? Splendid. After an eye-opening experience in a great cafe in Moss […]


That went better than expected

We recently inherited a griddle! A wee cast-iron paddle with ridges and a handle. You heat it up over the gas flame and it leaves pleasing smokey ridges on anything you cook on it. Noteworthy successes have thus far included: zucchini, haloumi, marinaded tofu, and bread. Today, in an unexpected mood of adventurousness (must be […]

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Reading time: Winter reading edition!

Books, how I love you. Collected Poems by Amy Witting Holy cow this book was amazing. All the elements of a glorious romance: a random grab from the library shelves (cute cover, y’know?) and then immediate, irreversible intoxication with the poetry. I don’t know how to praise it without sounding gushy, but everything about these […]