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{ Monthly Archives } May 2013


Ah, Sundays in Autumn. Canberrans eat brunch and talk about the Skywhale in terms either glowing or scathing; some bloggers find snail-shaped statues to ride like ponies; clear skies make picnics appealing but cold winds make them less so. And everyone knits. Or just me. Usually just me. I’m treading water, knitting-wise, which is not […]

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FO Report: Slippin’

I finished my Great Sock Project and found myself without anything on the needles. While dithering and indecisive, the solution landed on my feet. Or around them. Not sure: the point is I’m cold. I made a pair of felted clogs years ago (back in the early days of the blog, actually), and have long […]


Reading Time: Stiff Back edition

Howdy scholars! I’ve hurt my back (to complement my hurt leg: I am, if nothing else, holistic in my approach to injury) and as such have had a bit of toes-up time. Actually, knees up, over a pillow, with feet on the mattress, but if you say “knees up time” people get the wrong idea. […]


The Great Sock Project!

The alert among you will have noticed the absence of knitterly knitting posts around these parts lately. You could be forgiven for thinking I had lost interest in knitting and that it had simply faded from the blog’s purview, to be only a distant archived memory. You could be, but will not be. How dare […]

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The alert among you may recall I had a frisky batch of hip surgery in October. Recovery has been steady but slow. I’m under the diligent care of an exercise physiologist — a slightly different critter to a physiotherapist, the exercise physiologist helps you manage chronic conditions with exercise; for me, that means helping me […]


Clickin’ publish and takin’ names.

My first encounter with the word “blog” was in the context of an article speculating about the possibly increasing narcissism inherent in our (white, middle-class, Western) culture. This was in, erm, 1999, when the word blog was all but unheard-of. And this wasn’t a peer-reviewed scholarly paper, either: this was a fluffy, stock-photo-littered tabloid spread […]

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