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Awesome real quick

Just found these photos from dinner a couple of nights ago. If you ever want to be a bit fancy with the pizza-making, may I recommend caramelised onion, fig, feta and rocket?

Every bit as good as it looks.

Every bit as good as it looks.

A particularly nice touch was mixing a spoonful of fig and balsamic jam into the caramelised onions before using it as the base sauce. Also: add the rocket after you take it out of the oven and let the warmth wilt it just slightly — if you put it on top before putting the pizza in to cook, it’ll get really sad and maybe even burn up.

Just a little bit closer now.

Just a little bit closer now.

My god, it was delicious. Just the right blend of sweetness and saltiness, with peppery rocket to boot.

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  1. Heather | April 7, 2013 at 12:39 am | Permalink


    I was reading through your posts on Addison’s disease… I was diagnosed in 2008 at the age of 22… I have been very successful at managing my life with only one crisis. Some of the advice you have received seems really extreme! I am on a WAY smaller dose of cortisol than you and have elected to take dexamethasone because you only need to take it once (before bed) and it has a long half life which can be very helpful. During periods of stress, I do take more in the morning or late afternoon. I find that it’s not just physical stress that impacts my cortisol levels, but again, I am on a much smaller dose.

    Like you my first year after being diagnosed was rocky–I moved to England and began teaching weeks after my diagnosis. The change put my stress levels over the top and the job was in tough, demanding school. I spent my fair share of days on the couch. However, I had a good year of travel and ran a half marathon and got myself together for the most part.

    It’s been six years now, and I have a good idea of how to manage everything. My biggest issue lately has been in keeping weight on and maintaining a normal blood pressure. I have been increasing my floricortisol but when I work out I am getting dizzy. Anyway, if ever you would like to exchange war stories, let me know!

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