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Sick day

The day after we got back from NZ, I felt the unmistakeable stirrings of a cold. The sore throat, stiff joints: nothing major, but very present and very emphatic. I thought I’d kicked it, after a week-long wrestle of reduced energy and tiredness, but on Monday it broke through and now I’m flattened.

Addison’s Disease, as some of you may recall, involves the body’s production of cortisol, a necessary hormone. When your immune system is triggered into responding to something, your body amps up the cortisol production to deal with it. When you’ve got Addison’s, you’re in charge of the cortisol production, so you gots to take more pillz. It’s a bit of a blunt instrument approach: too much and you’re so wired you’ll exhaust yourself, too little and you’re wasting your time. I usually err on the side of too little, mostly because being low on cortisol effects your cognitive faculties and at the time it makes perfect sense (the big red flag is when I start moaning that it doesn’t DO anything, LEAVE ME ALONE: that means “take more right now”).

Did I mention our garden-minder and chief waterer improved our garden no end? This is what we came back to:

Unexpected lushness.

Unexpected lushness: rhubarb, thyme, oregano, some sort of volunteer melon, and basil.

It’s amazing. It’s inspiring. When I first felt the menacing hot hands of illness around my throat, I cheered myself up by walking around slowly in the sunshine, sprinkling seeds vaguely and feeling pessimistic about their ultimate future. And yet, a week later…

Probably beets!

Probably beets!

Of course, I wasn’t quite with it when I was planting (cf cognitive faculties, above), so I’ve just got vague guesses to go on with regard to what’s sprouting.

Probably leeks or some other alliums!

Probably leeks or some other alliums!

But I do know I wanted turnips, most passionately.

Almost certainly turnips!

Almost certainly turnips!

It was nice to sprinkle the seeds and it was nice, just now, to wander about in the back yard, taking photos. Now I’m tired. Being sick sucks.

I tried live-tweeting yesterday’s sickness (I’m @beefturtle, by the way) but it got interrupted with lots of naps, which were themselves interrupted with lots of fever dreams.

I don’t like eating when I’m sick, but that doesn’t stop me looking at and admiring the pictures. In fact, I look at a lot of pictures. My sick days have involved a lot of tumblr-looking-at. Current favourites:

And then there’s Ravelry, which is like tumbling through a warm, soft, yarn-filled rabbit hole. I’m working on a lot of stuff at the moment, but it’s all secret-squirrel, so I can’t share you. Not even tantalising little glimpses. I’m itching to make myself something easy because I’m sick and knitting is relaxing, but I’ve already unravelled one [REDACTED] and I’ll be damned if I’m doing it again. Caution makes success.

My defences are low and the internet is dangerous. I’ve laid out plans for garden landscaping, shiitake mushroom log growing, and home-cheese making. Luckily, I’ve thwarted myself by putting my wallet slightly out of reach. In my current weakened state, that’s all the dissuasion I need.

bethini out.

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