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Thy name is sock yarn.

So many happy little babies.

Having recently given up the ways of the sheep (and other yarn-making beasties), it was interesting trying to find a vegan sock yarn. Reading reviews on Ravelry, the only conclusion I could draw is that people only write reviews of yarn they loathe or yarn they adore, with the former outweighing the latter by a significant margin.

Pictured (all mixed together, but kind of from top left corner) is Cascade Fixation, SMC On Your Toes Bamboo, Berroco Comfort Sock, and then more SMC On Your Toes and a bit more Berroco Comfort. I’ve got some grand plans for these suckhas, including colourwork OH MY GOD and it’ll be interesting how the planty fibres compare after a lifetime of woolly socks.

The main issues seem to be elasticity (socks stay up) and durability (socks fo life, yo). These are both addressed with the inclusion of a little elastic or nylon to the blend.

Chiswick, fresh horses! Bring me my needles!

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