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[ice cream pun not found]

I’m 2,000 words and a struggle with an ancient evil away from finishing my NaNoWriMo novel, and dagnabbit I’m going to celebrate. It’s 33°C (at 7:30pm!) so my celebration must also be soothing and cooling.

Pictured: hot.

The answer is obvious.

“But we don’t have any cones.” I whined.

“I bet we can make them.” M said. And lo, he was right. A quick snuffle in the corners of the innernet yielded several thousand recipes for homemade cones (waffle and non-waffle — lacking a waffler, this decision was easy). The concept is very straightforward: a sweet, vanilla, very runny crepe batter. Cook smaller-than-usual crepes, and then when cooked but still warm, roll into a cone.

Huzzah! I made a diverse family of cone models for cooling and shaping, and creased the tops of a couple of small bowls with an eye to making small ice cream bowls.

Cone club plus baskets-sort-of

Rolling a cone out of a hot crepe is an unfamiliar experience but fairly straightforward. Mine came out of the pan hot and floppy, so they needed a mould while they dried/cooled.  


After they’d had an hour or two of cooling on their moulds, it was time for testing!

Aha! A cone of the iciest cream!

This picture is a fib. A big lying fib.

They were soft and slumpy, not firm and crunchy. So we had ice cream burritos instead. Hooray! I suspect more cooking would have been beneficial; M suggests more sugar. Both will be explored in further adventures.

Recipe from the Joy of Baking, including a neat little history of the ice cream cone to entertain you.

Achievements unlocked:

  • Crepe Saviour: accidentally folded a wet crepe in half — unfolded and proceeded without incident or injury.
  • Best New Crepe Batter in a Pan/Drama Series.
  • Painful Pleasures: Burnt fingertips pinching a cone tip shut and KEPT ON PINCHING.

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