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After the last Hempdress update, I decided to carry on knitting the skirt of the dress before backtracking and fixing the wonked shoulder — after all, I know what to do for the skirt, I’ve got that pattern memorised.

So I charged on, enjoying the ever-increasing stitches and working my way to the end of the third repeat of the skirt panel. And then, overnight, something in my head shifted gears and I went from “gee whilikers, I have slightly less yarn than I realised” to “OHNOES I CAN’T FINISH”. So I knitted faster (that’ll show it). Looking sadly at the deflated yarn ball riding around in my handbag, I decided to Nibble the Bullet and find out how many more balls to order. I looked up the pattern, and lo! Triumph! Pattern-reading failure to the rescue! I don’t need to do another repeat of the skirt panel after all: in fact, I’m nearly finished!

Last ball!

Inability to read the pattern: on one hand, caused me to cock up the shoulder, which I’ll have to fix. On the other hand, it surprised me with “suddenly you’re done!” So that’s one-all, I think. Advantage: bethini — I’m looking forward to having a go at fixing the shoulder in the undetectable way I’ve got planned. (Which should really serve as a warning as to the challenging nature of the undertaking.)

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