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“Crap,” I declared, punching M lightly to get his attention, “I’ve think I’ve made a huge mistake.”

We bickered briefly about the appropriateness of punching as an attention-getting tool, reconciled, and then I showed him:


On the bright side, it appears to be winking.

I’ve been working on Gudrun Johnston’s Little Black Dress for a while now. I love it. I LOVE IT. The pattern is one of the most beautiful and intelligent things I’ve ever read, the logic and detail that have gone into its planning are fantastic. And I ballsed it up right at the first shoulder. You make the back, using a provisional cast on, then pick up stitches on either side of the provisional cast on (which now runs along the shoulders/back of neck) and knit the front panels down towards the waist. To make it elegantly shaped, you work nine rows of short rows, then three rounds of a twelve-row pattern. With me so far? Short rows, then 36 rows of pattern, then start increasing for the neckline.

explanatory detail = diagram = science

Well there’s your problem!

Unless you’re me, apparently, and then you blithely (nay, merrily), work one repeat of the twelve-row pattern before charging ahead like a rutting moose into the neck increases. Yeesh. I probably made a moosey noise as I did so, which would explain the looks people were giving.

I noticed the bodice wasn’t sitting evenly, almost immediately after I joined the fronts and back for working in the round, which is at the waistline (you fold the fronts over in a simple and elegant manouvre), but put it down to the phase of the moon or something. (At least I didn’t tell myself it would block out.) And now we’re here. Three-quarters of the way through the beautiful A-line skirt, and there’s a fatal flaw in the first shoulder which, if left uncorrected, will render the finished garment unwearable.

But it will not remain uncorrected. Fear me: I have plans.

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