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FO Report: Red Friday

Red Friday and I, together at last.

It took patience, but we got there.

Whoa, I just realised the lace pattern totally looks like trilobites!

Presenting: Red Friday! Light, comfortable and casual, I’m pretty smitten. After much dithering and overthinking, I cast on shortly before we were called away to another city to help out after a sudden death in the family. Red Friday was a huge comfort while I was there: apart from being relaxing and pretty, it gave me something to do during long stretches of waiting and driving. Thank you, Red Friday. And when we got home, Red Friday had some challenges for me.


I’d made the half the front and back in one size, the other half of the front in another size, and the sleeves in a third size. The difference was only in length, but it was enough to throw the seaming out of whack and necessitate a restart. There were further complications: the bind off around the collar was much to tight for a shawl collar. The buttons (sewn on with wool) were dangly and clumsy-looking; the buttonholes lazy and saggy. All of these things were my fault: not paying enough attention while knitting, then using a too-tight bind off method, then sewing the buttons on using wool instead of thread. Throughout its development, Red Friday kept stopping me and making me go back to bad choices and correct them. I’m glad I did (not that there was ever any doubt about it: I’m starting to realise if I don’t go back and fix an error, it will SHRIEK at me every time I look at the finished thing).

Take a bow, Red Friday.

So Red Friday is now…I don’t want to tempt the gods here, but this might be perfect. And it’s perfect because I made it perfect. So there.


A word on buttons: I initially sewed mine on using the same wool I’d knit the rest of the cardigan in, and couldn’t put my finger on why the whole project didn’t look right. The buttons looked childish and baggy, so I pulled them off and reattached using black sewing thread. The difference is amazing: it looks much more finished and, well, right. Pay attention to your button choices, everybody! They will render a garment triumphant or tragic. Tightening the buttonholes using a duplicate stitch was an excellent idea, as now the cardigan stays closed instead of burping the buttons back through the buttonholes and flapping open.

Moderate collar closeup.

Pattern: Girl Friday, by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic
Mods: Totally different yarn, so I kind of winged it with regard to gauge. I’m pretty sure I swatched, but I’m not certain.

Result: Wickid.

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