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Returning the favour

Here we have Red Friday enjoying what is probably its very last blocking. I hope so, anyway, because I’m getting bored with blocking and want to know if this cardie is a keeper or not.


I knitted Red Friday the whole time we were away, helping family post-bereavement. I worked on it all the way to my brother’s wedding, the day after the funeral. I’ve felt tender and grateful to it because it was comforting and relaxing right when I needed it. Now I write that, I realise it’s only fair that I should be comforting it as it works through its issues.

Poignant, no?

Issue 1: Sleeves didn’t fit in the sleeveholes. Upon closer inspection, this turned out to be because the sleeves were too long for the body. On even closer inspection, it turned out the two fronts were different sizes. Much unravelling and correcting ensued.
Issue 2: Collar/buttonband a little too narrow. Since I had to unravel the collar to get to the sleeves (see Issue 1, above), it was no hardship to redo.
Issue 3: Collar, once bound off, didn’t spread and relax the way a shawl collar demands. Unpicked the cast off, worked an extra couple of rows and redid the bind off, using Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off and off we went.
Issue 4: Buttons looked weird—clumsy and childish—sewn on with wool; unpicked and resewn with discreet black thread.
Issue 5: Buttonholes too baggy: used wool reclaimed from buttons (see Issue 4, above) and tightened buttonholes.

Poor old Red Friday: after all the support it gave me, the least I can do is give it all the reworking therapy it needs to achieve its full potential. All these tweaks and repairs? Water under the bridge, my woolly friend.

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