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A journey

I’ve just started a new knitting project (“project” is a bland word: it always makes me think of school assignments and public service initiatives. I should get another one, but when “knitting project” is the common term, who am I to rock the boat?) and we’re very happy.

This is not to say there were times of soul-searching, sleepless nights, moments of “is this the one for me?” Because there were, we both know it. (We believe in honesty.) Such steps are necessary as one knits one’s way in to one’s soul. (Probably.)

I’m using Hempathy, which is a completely awesome yarn I’ve never tried: a blend of hemp, linen and modal. I know a lot of knitters get sore hands from plant fibres, especially the tough ones like linen and hemp, but so far I’m cruising. It’s great. And I’m excited about how the yarn will change as we grow together: I’ve sewn with linen fabrics before and the change after a few washes is amazing. All the reviews I’ve read about hemp and linen yarns suggest a similar miracle.

We’re learning how to live with one another. I usually prefer a centre-pull ball, but Hempathy isn’t so keen.


Hempathy gets a bit introspective if you centre-pull. From previous manifestation of this problem, I knew it was better to stop and reconcile than to push for my own way.

All it takes is a little understanding.

And in the next ball, I surrendered the centre-pull. I don’t know what the name is for a non-centre-pulled ball, but I’m doing that now. Love finds a way.

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