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Pasta Masta!

Scuse the funky layout: I’m experimenting with some different formatting tweaks to see what I like. Carry on!

Start with sprinkles.

I did it! Ticked one major item off the “Learn-How” list! Make pasta. I’ve made pasta once before, and I wasn’t really confident with the outcome. But this time: GROK. I totally get it. I used plain flour, a dash of salt, crushed black pepper, eggs and a trickle of water. Ratio: 2 cups of flour to 2 eggs, plus just enough water to make it into a very stiff but malleable dough. I stole the idea of crushed pepper in the pasta from eat well, live free.

Verrrrry stiff, but workable.

After kneading the dough for a wee while — it’s seriously stiff, as your hands will attest — I whipped out the pasta roller. Everyone takes these step-by-step photos, because it’s awesome and makes you feel like a genius.

First pass!

I cut up the dough into about six balls, and passed them through the pasta roller’s widest setting. Then a trick M showed me: leave some plain flour in the bowl and toss each sheet of pasta in it before giving it another roll. That stops it sticking to the pasta roller and tangling up in itself.

Flour bath!

I wanted fairly chubby pasta, so I passed it through the roller twice more, finishing with the third-thinnest setting. (On my roller, the very thinnest setting is best for lasanga or cannelloni, and the cutter-rollers thin it out one more time while cutting.) I also wanted to get to the main event: turning my dough into noodles.

Now we see its true form…

This is the best part. This is when you are unquestioningly making pasta. Any old random could waltz into the kitchen, look at you and say “oh, pasta, cool”. It blows my mind how much pasta you get from 2 cups of flour and 2 eggs. I ended up with enough noodles for 8-10 serves (I still haven’t cooked it all yet, so my numbers are fuzzy).

Three cheers plz.

I’m smug about these noodles. They’re fantastic: crushed peppercorns are a great idea, one I will use again (snipped herbs would work well, too). I’m amazed how fast they were. I went from nothing to ready-to-cook noodles in about half an hour, which is pretty awesome for a first time. Well pleased. Will make again.

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